Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've been laid up for a few days with a nasty virus which has been doing the rounds. It is remarkable what a degree change in body temperature can do. I could barely get out of bed and even hydration, despite a big jug of homemade lemonade, was a struggle.

Last night a change came through, dropping the temperature, bringing some rain and disturbing the stillness. A blind on the half open bedroom window rattled persistently beyond my reach, the darkness knocking, and feverish I all but sat up, remembering Heathcliff, to call out: "Who are you?"

I've not ever been all that attached to this body, nor believed it was me or I it. At times I wish I could just unzip it head to toe and escaped the silly shell, once and for all, and get on with whatever cosmic business there is to get on with.

There's a classic series by the great American photographer Duane Michals showing the spirit leaving a body. That the spirt looks like a body is no slight oversight, but the concept is fun.

I tried it out, rather crudely.  It's a matter of having a long exposure and varying the time the moving component of the shot is in the frame.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the composer's birth, from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Concert Hall comes a concert performance of Gluck's 'Orfeo ed Euridice' (the Paris version of 1774 where one significant change was the use of a high tenor - haute contra - instead of a castrato, a concept which beggars belief today).

The Musica Viva Moscow Chamber Orchestra with

William Lacey (conductor)
Colin Lee (tenor)
Deborah York (soprano)
Sophie Junker (soprano)

and the Intrada Vocal Ensemble.

                                                                  WATCH HERE