Saturday, October 11, 2008


"For me, this role challenges any preconceptions of an operatic diva. She is a true original." - Cheryl Barker.

The first blog reviews are coming in for Opera Australia's Vec Makropulos, Janacek (1926) - The Makropulos Case / Affair / Secret. I spend way too much time bouncing up hit rates on favoured bloggers, waiting to hear, and this one's been slow, but that's sometimes a good sign.

Sarah Noble, usually quick off the mark, slowed lately perhaps by the power of the performances and her committment elsewhere, has made preliminary notes.

Kevin Jackson, twice already, says: "I felt that THE MAKROPULOS SECRET as near a perfect night in the theatre as one can have at the Opera."

"..very likely the best opera I have yet encountered -" begins Esoteric Rabbit.

That's what I like to hear. I get off on the expectation. Going to the beach with Dad, the long long drive up and down Mona Vale Road, over Tumbledown Dick Hill, past the wonderfully exotic Bahai temple, where I secretly wanted to go in but only on the way home, till after what seemed like half a day later we would hit the burning sand to silly squeals of 'last one in's a monkey's uncle'. I love expectation.

We have 10 days to wait, with Philip Glass - Leonard Cohen's 'Book of Longing' (SOH Sunday), and a return to Billy Budd for the last night (once is not enough) in between.

Meantime, there are little things of no less importance. I'm waiting to see what 300 years does to thoughts about little things.

The Anja Silja 1995 Glyndebourne DVD arrived yesterday, and that's for tonight.

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