Saturday, May 23, 2009


The ever thoughtful Alex Ross, music critic for the The New Yorker, is in Sydney for the Sydney Writers Festival. He spoke with Romana Koval on Thursday, was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on Friday, and speaks tomorrow, Sunday 24, with Mrs Danvers, on 'Classical Music in Popular Culture', Drama Theatre, SOH, 1400-1500. I wish I could get up there.

The Margaret Throsby interview can be heard here, scroll down to May 22.

His first book, The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century (2007) was awarded The Guardian First Book Award and was shortlisted for the Pulitzer and Samuel Johnson prizes. Mine is marked with the signs of a well loved book.

The Sydney photo on his blog has changed from a rather charming shot of the great stairs with a wind swept Japanese bride to one which suggests Bridge Climb, and in this weather, you know why they chain you on.

May 22: He's changed it again. Why either or?  Can't Sydney justify THREE (great) photos at once? 

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