Saturday, June 20, 2009


19 June 2009 and the Staatsoper Angela Denoke Salome has left me speechless and K astounded, and neither of these happen very often. Hers was a performance so complete musically and dramatically for me that I suspect just absorbing it I took up all of my neurohumoral transmitters, in being in the 'now', leaving nothing for whatever is involved in memory, and I fully expect to wake in the morning unable to remember any of it.
I'd be happy to never see Salome again. I've been there.
Spaniard Pedro Halffter and the orchestra gave a savage brutal reading while still retaining the necessary sensitivity and were cruel to the singers leaving most in their wake with the exception of Denoke and Goldberg who were simply magnificent.

Angela Denoke Salome
Reiner Goldberg Herodes
James Rutherford Jochanaan
Pedro Helffter Conductor

More later, memory willing.

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Smorg said...

Lucky you! I'd love to hear Denoke live one day. I like just about every recording with her on. :o)

WANDERER said...

Smorg, she was so on top of it, leaving me depleted, not to mention herself.

I've been meaning to thank you for the alert to the Karasova 'Passionate Arias' which is now on order - thanks to you.

Smorg said...

My pleasure, matie! Hope you'll enjoy the CD. She completely shattered what preconceptions I had of Azucena and Eboli and Dalila. The voice has grown so rich I can't believe how she still manages to keep it so agile, too. :o)