Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tired of humourless blogs of poor literary merit and dubious morals? Then you should know, if you don't already, of the output of someone reserved, retiring even, as befits the station, not prone to trolling, reckless commenting or attention seeking.

May I introduce - Sir Roger Migently.


Roger Migently said...

You are a dear, kind gentleman - and a gentle man - sir (clutches pearls) for offering such kind words. May I invite you and your friends over for "dinner". Most weeks we feast on roasted politician with a side serving of filleted "faith". And for dessert ...

Sir Roger

wanderer said...

KInd Sir, and oh what a lustrous thing you have to clutch at, at which to clutch..

It is the continuing pursuit of happiness, not to mention good manners (thank you again Mr Crisp) that commands we accept.

I have already enjoyed your roasted polly from afar, and squinting through the window I thought I saw the filleted faith to be of such transparency and inconsequence that to all appearances it floated helplessly away, forever untouched, unsoiled by heathen lips.

And if it be humble pie for pudding then the suggestion is it be dripping in golden syrup lest the bitter taste deliver an embarrassment beyond forgiveness.