Monday, May 3, 2010


Look at THAT. Of course, it isn't mine, that's the real thing, dinky di.

If you want more, here's the link to The Sentimental Bloke, a fantastic photographic essay based around the Flinders Ranges.

I found it today while planning a quick trip out to see Lake Eyre as it fills. We'll be going for 1o days or so in a few weeks, meeting friends in Broken Hill after they've travelled down the mighty Darling from Bourke, and then driving on to Wilpena Pound. It isn't that far - Sydney to Wilpena takes three days, easy, and the drive back through Mildura (for dinner) to the bush house will take two. Think about it. There's big water coming down.


Smorg said...

Man, this photo could have come from the American Southwest. :oD It gets depressingly tree-free like that from 2 hrs east of San Diego all the way to Oklahoma or so!

Hope you had a good trip! :o)

wanderer said...

Thanks Smorg. I have driven through around Nevada and New Mexico and around that four corners area etc. so know what are you saying, and feeling.

A safe trip we are planning, thanks for the wishes.