Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After the mostly high road the day before, next morning there was time for a short drive and some stops for the smaller pleasures - the creek beds, red gums, and the flowering desert -before heading back to Wilpena.

Sturts Desert Pea (Swainsona formosus) is a sturdy spreading soil binding perennial with brilliant bright red flowers with a jet black centre.

The black and red are those of the soil and its shadows, and a flag I'd welcome as our own.

Pink and Silver Mulla Mulla ( Ptilotus exaltatus var. and var. obovatus) are everywhere, brushing the desert with purply pinks and silver whites.

The creek beds flare stripes of reds, ochres, browns, and purples, waiting for the afternoon sun to spot light them into even more brilliance.

There wasn't time to get to the great waterholes, so there has to be a next time.

The plane was waiting

and back to Wilpena was a short flight south.

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