Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There's a lot happening in the garden. The days are lengthening quite quickly now and the main flowering season has started. The Grevilleas are leading the way. They are tough little aussies, but their flowers are dainty and delicate, and incredibly intricate.

One of the prettiest is Grevillea Rosy Posy, a cultivar of Grevillea rosemarinifolia. From midwinter through spring it is a mass of clusters of rosy pink flowers,

with terminal dangles of earrings, here the early light catching the last of the overnight rain drops.

Another beauty is the Grevillea Forest Rambler, a rampant fast grower of intertwining branches giving honeyeaters and the like a safe haven for food and rest. The shell pink flowers are almost translucent.

Just up the path there's some Banksias whose pale lemon green flowers are shaping an inflorescence with a classic symmetry and rhythm no less beautiful in their own way than the spidery wildness of the Grevillea.

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