Thursday, December 16, 2010


(photo ABC News)

If you didn't know the Oprah Roadshow has been through town, you're dead. Whatever else you think of it, her, them, us, as a tourism marketing awareness campaign it is genius. Not surprisingly, in the swamping with all things native, she was given a here-hold-these bunch of flowers for her press conference.

Close inspection reveals not only was she exposed to and exposing some of the charms of Annandale, but what's more, there's the rarely seen Dorrigo Waratah (Alloxylon pinnatum) on her bosom.

And as it turns out, this year we are picking them for the Sydney markets (and for the market's major native flower wholesaler) instead of for Tokyo, what with the dollar high and other matters.

They are a fabulous Christmas flower, a Santa red with a cyanotic blush unfurling on top of vibrant green glossy leaves.

Could I have picked it for Oprah? O the celebrity of it all.

(Yes, yes, I know, there's really only one Big O)

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