Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Patricia Racette is stunning. And beautiful. And beautifully stunning. And stunningly beautiful.

This is by far the most accomplished Butterfly I've heard, eclipsing the very gorgeous lyrico early spinto black butterfly of Leona Mitchell way back sometime last century.

She was complete. Not completely Japanese - nothing much about this production is (Japanese), to my sensibilities, despite the affectations. To be honest I've never really been that keen on it (except for the rather lovely hollywood dream sequence in which PB was, well, a dream). But for Ms Racette it was perfect. I would imagine anything would be perfect. Because she was perfect. Everything about her is just so well produced, most of all the voice. It's a great voice.

Andrew Moran; Rosario La Spina; very cute little curly red haired Sorrow with the longest neck you've ever seen, must be mother's side; Patricia Racette; Jacqueline Dark

Patricia Racette and the man behind her tonight, and the great sound from the pit, Massimo Zanetti.

More later, except that it won't be on 11.1.11, which is the right date to talk about Patricia Racette.


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There's this of course:

wanderer said...

Yes there for all to hear, and see, what about that smile?

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