Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anne Sofie von Otter will be here in November. She sings The Songs of the Auvergne (well, some of them, if 'highlights' means that) with The Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a mixed bag, which sounds fun. Nicolas Carter conducts.

Arguably more interesting, she is in recital in the Utzon Room - Brahms. Schubert, Schumann, Sibelius, Sibelius, Sibelius, and *Dean*. The gods-of-just-in-time guided me and I booked today. The Utzon Room is general admission, and seats 200. I booked seating 153 and 154. I think that means there are 6 seats left. Repeat, six left.

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David said...

Much on my mind, since I heard the Bergen Philharmonic play it as an encore in Berlin earlier this week, has been Grieg's 'Varen' (better known to us as 'The Last Spring'). Anne Sofie's performance of this with the wonderful Bengt Forsberg is one of those pieces you toy with as a funeral anthem. If you don't have the CD, it's on YouTube:


wanderer said...

Oh Yes. I can't wait. I've only heard her live once - Waltraute in Rattle's Ring in Aix, where I'm afraid the Berliners tended to win. Scandinavians and funeral songs indeed - I'm thinking Sibelius, but more the whole of the 7th - I'm addicted to its uncertainty - that'll test their patience, assuming anyone comes, let alone stays.