Friday, November 25, 2011


"Hers is a voice of the earth with deeply embodied richness of sound, alabaster smoothness and the sort of diction where word and tone become one."

So says Peter McCallum. There are three more nights - tonight, tomorrow and Monday. We're going tonight and tomorrow. Here she is, pulsing like something in a far off galaxy.


marcellous said...


A report?

An account?

wanderer said...

I thought I should wait until the second hearing, however...quickly...just between us

I'd heard (from Wednesday) that it was very slow and deconstructed to the point of collapse and was expecting that that referred to the first movement. Not so. If anything, more weight and gravitas, and death, slowly underlined, would have suited me just fine. The Finale was the one that dragged, and sagged, I thought, and where I like a sense of urgency and expectation I found little.

The (landler) Adante was sublime, just perfect. Ms deYoung was wonderful, although didn't completely erase my memories of Lilli Passikivi's brushed velvet. The choir was outstanding, no surprise.

The thing that sticks most in my mind at the moment is the fine dynamic control, and wonderful balance, really fine stuff, orchestral detail beautifully on display. They played pretty well all round.

The audience loved it, sitting in rapt silence and giving loud enthusiastic applause with quite a few standing.

I expect tonight will be better again.

wanderer said...

Misspelt Lilli - please forgive:

Lilli Paasikivi