Sunday, February 19, 2012


This is terribly terribly sad news. She died in her London home on the 18th February.

Her last song - When I have sung my songs to you I'll sing no more".

Only a few days ago I mentioned on David Nice's blog that she was the "only one still singing" from that legendary War and Peace which opened the Sydney Opera House. Now she's gone.

In the breaking news from her agent, Helmut Fischer wrote (0n Opera List) :

"This morning soprano Elizabeth Connell passed away in her London home after a battle with lung cancer.

She was truly the most wonderful human being, full of kindness, generosity, warmth and humour. The radiance of her personality always sparkled through her pure and crystalline voice as well, which is why even at 65, after 40 years of singing the most demanding dramatic soprano (and before that mezzo) roles she sounded about 40 years younger than her physical age.

Her last operatic performance was in February 2011 at the Prague State Opera as Turandot and her last concert was on 8 October at the Bad Urach Festival in Germany, at which she proved - despite her cancer - her versatility and flexibility and the flawlessness of her singing.

[ ]
Those who knew Liza and who were touched by her humanity and her art are left behind devastated and desperate - yet grateful for the invaluable gift that she has given to our lives.
[ ]

In sadness and loving memory
Helmut "

And it was in her very last public appearance in Hastings (a fund raiser for a friend; her philanthropy was under the radar of most) on 27 November 2011 that she sang, knowingly, "When I have sung my songs to you, I'll sing no more". A more profoundly moving farewell I can't imagine.


Susan Scheid said...

I didn't know of her (aside from your mention on David Nice's blog, that is), and am sad to have missed the chance to hear her before now. Such a beautiful voice, such a poignant song, I felt I wanted to, and so have put this up on my blog, too.

wanderer said...

Thanks for sharing it out Susan. We have lost someone very rare.

Susan Scheid said...

I've put this piece in Prufrock's Fine Listening Archives--my nascent online library of musical treasures.