Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Still struggling with time pressures, I offer you this little piece of delight as I do my German homework with term one racing to its end. It is of course the Great One (on tour in Japan 1978, Nagoya, Ricky on the ivories) whose joy of singing is what she was made of.

I love how as she wraps it all up she nearly segues into her Olympia doll routine, followed by her trademark (only one not the usual three) run down and up the scales, before the perfectly placed final cuck-00.


Susan Scheid said...

I am curious about your German homework. Perhaps you'll say. In the meantime, I can't tell you how happy it made me to have a chance, finally, today, to listen to the video of Joan Sutherland you've chosen. Thank you for lifting it up to view.

wanderer said...

Susan, you are always so generous and enthusiastic. What secret lies within?

My homework is of the most rudimentary kind - learning the basics, the very basics, vocab and grammar as German 101 wraps up. I have enrolled in term 2, and then off (again) to Germany midyear for some music and other things Teutonic.

And the return flight just happens to be via NYC ! Book of Mormon booked (sic).

Susan Scheid said...

I have been known to get crabby, rest assured (just ask my mate!). I'll look forward to your report of things Teutonic, not to mention your sojourn in NYC.