Monday, April 15, 2013


I abhored Thatcher for her lack of humanity, her moral bankruptcy, and for sinking the Belgrano. While  we might think we survived our miserable little Thatcher in drag, I don't believe we are not damaged.

This came late to me from an unlikely source :


David said...

Bravo to you (and brava to her) - it's been doing the rounds, and will end up as a Great Historic Speech. I'm all the more surprised since Glenda did not have a good track record as MP for Hampstead and Highgate, and I'd heard nothing from/about her lately. But what rhetoric, what unstoppable eloquence without speech in hand.

Plus of course she relates what happened then to what's happening all over again with Cameron's lot now.

wanderer said...

And bravi to all those struggling to ensure perspective as those who think they write history try, almost desperately, to skew the rhetoric toward adulation unjustified.

I suppose Murdoch will show up. He's been down here amongst other things hosting your Ms Brooks.