Sunday, June 9, 2013


The train hugs the craggy coast and in 40 minutes you are in the little beach resort of Sitges which seems to be a bit of a gay mecca for whatever reason, presumably something to do with a nude beach, the predictably gorgeous weather, that it is small enough to be self-limiting and for all the overt touristy nonsense, it is quite lovely still, little winding streets tumbling down to a wide promenade and a sandy beach divided into several sections by massive man made breakwaters. I wouldn't wish to stay here, but others come regularly year after year.

But for lunch (bread brushed with tomato and salted, fine cured ham, thin slices of a sharp cheese from La Manch, and the house white, a bit heavy and sweet), for the train ride, for the gentle friendliness of the merchants, and simply to check it out, it was fun and we were back in town well in time for a sun kissed nap.



Susan Scheid said...

Ah, how lovely. Thank you for taking us along. May the rest of your trip be just as sun-kissed and glorious. I look forward to your further reports.

David said...

What a balmy first movement of your European symphony this must have made. Now longing for Mediterranean climes from this English murk (though Berlin and Dresden seemed pretty continental in the glorious weather after the floods, wouldn't you agree?)