Monday, September 30, 2013


The Cicadas have started drumming. They're everywhere and not unexpectedly for the last few days there's been lots of Kookaburras (and Currawongs) around. And well fed they are.

This fellow (actually there were two) was sitting in the gum outside the bedroom late this afternoon.


Susan Scheid said...

The kookaburras must be in what we would call "hog heaven," though for them it's cicadas, if I have you right. Marvelous.

David said...

Can you do sound in a little film? I'd love to hear as well as see (photos excellent as ever).

wanderer said...

You're right Sue.

Funny you should mention that David as I have been fiddling with 'voice memo' on the phone and making some recordings of the lyrebirds and currawongs, thinking one day I'll work out how to make something worthwhile of them.

Meantime, here's a kooka laughing. They usually call at dawn or dusk, and the old wives' tale is that hearing them during the day means there's rain on the way.