Saturday, October 19, 2013


Is this the future?


David said...

Was going to contact you to check you were OK - I got the impression that the worst affected area was the Blue Mountains but it seemed fairly widespread. Since you leave only this incredibly striking image I guess that must be the case - but Sydney did look fairly apocalyptic in the news footage.

wanderer said...

David, it's shocking. We are alright, thank you kindly, but everyone is rather on edge, with the sky heavy and bruised, the air smells of smoke and ash, and tonight this, as if we were Herods.

The fires are north, west (Blue Mountains, by far the worst) and south. That is to say, Sydney, a semicircle city fingering out into the bush (with the other half the great Pacific Ocean) is surrounded by fire, not contiguous of course.

The real worry is that this is October with the summer yet to come. And it just won't rain.

Susan Scheid said...

I am so sorry not to have come sooner. I have been out of touch with the news and had no idea. Thank goodness you are safe. This reminds me so much of fires in and around California (where my mother lives), particularly in the season with little or no rain. Your question is the worry, as is the season. May you stay safe, and may it rain soon.

wanderer said...

Such heartfelt good wishes Susan, thank you. Don't ever worry about being away; we have much else, we are friends and friendship arches over the everyday.

There have been some showers overnight although today is forecast to be especially threatening with high temperatures and high winds, not so much where i am at the moment (150K south of Sydney) but west of the city where the fires rage and evacuations are underway. I will drive back to the city early today (proper work to be done) as there is a chance the highway may be blocked later by a flare-up in the burnt bush between here and there.

The central Fire Control and the thousands of fighters on the ground and in the air are exceptional. This is one thing we are getting good at - if there's any consolation in that.