Sunday, November 10, 2013


Are they fabulous or what?

These are Alice Babidge's costumes for the Daughters of the Rhine ("amazing glittering gleaming beacons that Alberich is drawn to") in the getting-very-close-now Opera Australia's Ring. First impressions are a bit Kosky-esque, but knowing Neil Armfield's (director) work, nothing will be for show itself, and everything will be driven by the music and by the humanity therein.

We drive down to Melbourne today week and I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be loads of fun, that much I know. I'll see to that.


Susan Scheid said...

This looks promising! Been thinking of you in re re my music course, where I seem to have made a "friend" with a music-loving fellow from Melbourne (among others). Wonder if he will be at the Ring. I've resisted asking him whether he knows "wanderer," but just barely.

wanderer said...

Sue, actually, I have tried to keep me all a bit anon, so no one more than the few know anything, let alone everything.

I started out with a screen name thinking I might blog about work, which is where most of my life is focused, but it is still somehow beyond my limits of public discourse.

Don't know anyone in Melbourne, and think we should probably keep things smaller rather than larger.

Susan Scheid said...

Understood, and not to worry. It's why I kept meself to meself.

Susan Scheid said...

Oops, hit send too fast. The amusing thing is, at first I thought it might be you. He's an extraordinarily knowledgable music person, loves Anne Schwanewilms, has a huge understanding of the Germanic tradition of classical music and art, lived in Vienna for a time and learned German. Not that you necessarily have these specifics, but it's the depth, and also his sensibility, which somehow reminded me of you, though funny to say that through the scrim of the Internet. (Brian Long is his name. He's been a delightful companion in a not always delightful course.)