Saturday, July 12, 2014


I was only just remembering Jonathan Summers in the Otello post and now today a warm surprise (on an otherwise cold wintery Saturday morning, apart from the dog and the fire) came with a comment on my recollections of Elizabeth Connell which stirred up some memories even further.

What a great performer. Here he is in the late 1990s as Nabucco (Kosky, in case you can't tell) and to follow, another clip with the irreplaceable Elizabeth Connell (note her final note - I suspect she wasn't one hundred percent, and the walking stick and stage movements suggest maybe hip problems). Cillario conducts.


David said...

Yes - and still going strong. He was a fabulous Coyle in the superlative Aldeburgh Owen Wingrave, and made the best shot he could of his rather daft role in Rufus's Prima Donna. That's the plus with baritones and basses - they can go on much longer than sopranos (and I was going to say tenors, but look at Alfredo Kraus and Nicolai Gedda, whom I saw aged 72 in the Golders Green Hippodrome, 'Friday Night is Music Night', can you believe, where one could not begrudge one's venerable neighbours from singing along).

wanderer said...

Good to hear that. I missed that he sang Coyle and well imagine him being terrific.

Longevity and the voice - there's a book for you.

Sadly I've not heard Kraus or Gedda live and dearly would have loved to. Not at all helped by the great tenors rarely coming down under. That said, Jonas is scheduled for recitals in August.

I like the sound of the Friday at the Hippodrome, and think the whole things sounds, mmmm, rather British.