Thursday, August 28, 2014


                                                            (pic from the twittersphere)

There was always something slightly dirty and raunchy about Freddie; something incongruously attractive about him, and it wasn't good looks. Beyond the brilliance of composition and delivery, there was a palpable raw energy.

The 20,000 who filed into the arena in Sydney for 'Queen - Adam Lambert' could have been going to a school reunion. And there were uniformed cleaners slinking around with mops and buckets, cleaning the floors lest spot or stain offend. I've not seen obsession like this since we were in St Petersburg and a head lowered head scarfed woman walked behind us wiping the floor of the church after each desecrating step we took.

The production values were big. Camera work and quality, lighting and effects brilliant. Adam Lambert has a good voice. Dr Brian May PhD held the joint together with still brilliant technique which belied his soft gently spoken manner. Roger Taylor and his son did good. The reunion crowd clapped and whistled. A few stood and waved. Perhaps its the venue. Perhaps its the era. Even Mardi Gras is on the brink.

Till out came raw energy in lioness hair, strutting heels, wardrobe malfunction only minutes away, and beamed herself to the very corners of this cold soulless venue with a stunning voice and electric presence. That was when something did happen.

I've seen Lady Gaga. There's tubes of you, from mobile phones, not worthy of linking to cos they capture barely a fraction, in fact zip, of what was going on. She belted out Another One Bites The Dust.


David said...

Adam Lambert has (or had, when I last heard him, which was the only time I followed American Idol) a SENSATIONAL voice. One of the greats, then (and two of the other finalists were superb, too). A born artist with a range of four octaves. But how that translates into a vast arena, I've no idea.

wanderer said...

David, I was too guarded, still reeling a bit from the Lady's guest appearance. His voice is amazing and in the arena was as good as the mix and speakers gave out, which was as good as it gets I think. But it was fairly palpable how revved up the whole vibe became when she came on (unannounced) and I'm going "who's the hot back up singer, she's stealing the show".