Monday, September 15, 2014


                                                                 (nsw govt website)

Last Wednesday evening we went to a presentation at the State Library of New South Wales which is one of those under appreciated places undergoing considerable rejuvenation and one that when you do end up there you are forever thinking I must come back more often. At the very least, they have great exhibitions, for free (though not an especially glamorous website).

The library is one of Sydney's lovely old sandstone buildings, in a splendid spot, once by and overlooking the Botanical Gardens and Shakespeare Place, now spliced by a freeway tunnel which makes if for nothing else good surreal art - cue Jeffrey Smart:

I very much liked too that down the cosy cavern between the old and the new, at the back of the old Mirchell Wing wedging Parliament House, when we emerged the homeless were bunking down for the night, calling out to each other and laughing amongst themselves like borders in dorms after the lights go out.

In the interests of keeping a resolution I've made to make shorter posts which actually get posted rather than longer ones which don't, why we were there is the next installment.

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David said...

Yes, well, so long as that's the only reason. I'm sick of people saying blog entries MUST be kept short. Do it for yourself, not for the reader, and then those who can read more than 200 words without moving their lips, as an erstwhile commenter once wrote, will go with you.