Monday, November 24, 2014


I don't really want to get into politics too much. There's enough already. But in scrolling around looking for stuff on the Williamson play 'Rupert' which is about to open in Sydney, I found this interview with the brilliant Dennis Potter made in his last months.

20 years ago.

         "..... the very antithesis of discovering something you didn't know....."

It's not too hard to hypothesise that the defunding of the ABC on top of the closure of the Australia Asia Network smacks not only of payback for daring to be anything but a conservative cheer squad but of rewarding the man who relentlessly and ruthlessly destroyed the previous government and installed the stifling idiocy now in charge.

Not to mention that he, who canvassed sanctity in the river Jordan was probably the only person with the power to stop the lunacy of the US led invasion of Iraq instead using it to vigorously prosecute it

Quentin Dempster didn't hold back either.

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