Sunday, January 25, 2015


There was a yellow breasted robin flitting about the roof beams in the shed when I was feeding the dog yesterday at last light. I think the flitting started when we arrived but nonetheless it seemed in no mood to be shooed out either.

They tend to fly into the darkening space as the day wanes and have sometimes built nests, wonderful little clay cups with bits if sticks in them, in the rafters. They're tiny. But I have to discourage them for there might be days, and more days, when I'm away and they'd be locked in and unable to feed.

Perched high and happy and, as I said, with a look of this will do very nicely if only you'd go, he (I can't sex robins, sorry) watched as we left and closed up. And when I opened the door first thing this morning sure enough there he was sitting on the edge of a red bucket on the long bench facing a window. Looking out.

After a quick look around it flew straight out the door onto the roof rack of the ute parked just outside. Within seconds, and I mean seconds, from nowhere a second appeared and they sat side by side, centimeters apart, before the outsider made a quick dart towards the night resident - a c'mon lets go kind of dart - and off they winged, together.

I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.


Susan Scheid said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a yellow-breasted robin! You tell a lovely tale here, with many thanks!

wanderer said...

And scarlet ones too, though less common. I wish I could describe the visible invisible bond between the two; it was very affecting.

Thanks for popping by Sue. I should be back your way soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wanderer

Lovely post, thanks. We have the scarlet and even more beautiful flame robins here in Tassie.

On a completely different subject....

I know we share a love of a certain wonderful pianist who came here in 2013.

I have a gift for you. If you send me a postal address to I will post something to you that I feel sure you will appreciate!


wanderer said...

A bit too cryptic anon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I wanted it to be more of a surprise.

I was referring to Murray Perahia -see your post and my appreciation of it (Tassie) following his Sydney recital.

His Melbourne recital was finally broadcast last night!

wanderer said...

Scott - thanks so much for taking me back there and rereading what I, and you (that's we!) wrote.

I'm sorry I missed the broadcast but to be honest I've not been listening to much lately except the wind in the trees and rain on the roof.

I do have a PO Box but really, I am a bit embarrassed by your generosity and am more than happy with having you as a reader.