Tuesday, April 21, 2015


There was a lull in the weather early this morning, just after light, so a chance to check around. Being just on the southern edge of the whirl, the winds haven't been too bad and the rain light to moderate with breaks. There's drama and deaths up north and a cruise boat, full of green people who go on cruise boats, swaying around stranded outside the heads because of the high seas. Imagine.

Under a stringy bark which just popped up years ago and now is this enormous gum probably too close to the house - stay winds, stay - is this big pile of bark, enough to build a humpy. The colours enriched by the wet.

And not too far away the Blue Satin Bower Bird is off and running on his courtship. I somehow thought this was a spring thing and though I'd heard his lovely call recently I wasn't expecting his bedroom to be ready so soon. Same place as last year. He's tidied it up, refashioned the bower, padded out the surrounds, and started decorating. God knows how or from where (because it's not from anywhere round here) he's excelled himself with this long strand of blue cord.

I hope she's impressed. I certainly am.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, too. Quite an achievement to get it there. It would be a poor sort of female bower bird not to be impressed and enticed by that.

wanderer said...

Unless she's not into that sort of thing. Just kidding. It's impossible to imagine how he did it though.