Friday, July 22, 2016


There's a Hair Pin Banksia (Banksia spinulosa) and a Grevillea strategically planted right outside the window by the dining table. They're for the honeyeaters, and the watching of them.

The other day this Little Wattle Bird, over an hour or two, performed quite a showy show in presumably what to him/her was a mirror. With repeated tapping at the glass, preening, head twisting, wing flapping, upside down tumble turns, loop-de-doops and sideway stretches, the whole routine was not only tireless, but tinged with a twinkly sense of humour.

Needless to say, all the best fun stuff escaped the camera, and finally I left him to it. As my mother was wont to say, 'I'll know who'll get sick of it first, and it won't be the (in the case of dog chasing ball), the dog'.

Know what I mean?

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Elizabeth said...

Lovely and very cute. Great strategic planting!