Thursday, August 11, 2016


The Philharmonie de Paris is offering selections of its 2015/2016 Season free of charge. I haven't had a good look at what's available, but it looks like the selections are very eclectic. Some performance are complete, others extracts, and the access periods look variable. 

For example, the Mahler 4 with Daniel Harding which so moved me in the house is available complete for 7 days. (Actually, it's the performance the night after the one we attended.) I'll play it through on the weekend, a little bit anxious that the magic may well not be reproduced. I ducked the recent SSO Mahler 4 not wanting to yet overlay the memories. Silly probably, but there you are.

By the way, the recent SSO Reich/Stravinsky was televised for later showing on Foxtel Arts.

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