Saturday, December 24, 2016


It's Christmas Eve. After a pretty frantic day, the city increasingly looks evacuated and has slipped into a gentle urban torpor. Beyond the immediate stillness there's storms around and the sounds of distant thunder.

We've just swung some old fashioned coloured carnival style lights through the frangipani out the front.

Here's a few happy snaps from the last few weeks There's the lunch and a spin around the harbour a colleague kindly puts on every year; a St Andrew's Cross spider at the back gate; an evening mist in the country softening my new gardens; bees busy at the flower spike of a Xanthorrhoea; and the dogs are helping open the mail.


David said...

G'Christmas day to you, dear erstwhile ones.

David said...

And I've only just twigged that the second kelpie is yours - so you now have a companion for the canine adored?

wanderer said...

Yes, companions all round - older for younger, younger for older, and one to carry on loving when age catches up with the increasingly matronly one.