Friday, February 3, 2017


                                                    (hua river; can tho bridge in the distance)

Now we are on the Hua river, at Can Tho, on the south bank. It's in full swing as the New Year's holidays hit their last day. The place is ablaze with lights and there's flowers - mainly pink blossoms and pots of yellow chrysanthemums - everywhere. There's a few western tourists, but mostly the place is crawling with Vietnamese families, madly taking selfies. There's happiness aplenty.

The north bank looks like not much has changed for decades, except off cause for that bridge looming high above it.

But the south bank, the city side, is very developed and there's a long promenade along the main district and up past the old Victoria resort, and beyond which there's some huge developments underway. The river can't change, thankfully.

Come the night and the place is going off. We eat on the footpath outside the hotel almost hypnotised by the endlessness of it all.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi.

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