Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There had been steady light rain all day and soon after dark, the house glowing warm in the bush, a tap tap tapping started on the windows and glass doors. The moths had arrived.

As soon as a door is opened, in they fly, into the light, with a noise somewhere between a flapping and a buzzing, a fluzzing, round and round the room till they settle on the edge of a lamp shade, or on a wall, or me. The dogs go nuts.

And they hang on. Just ask Yvonne Kenny. She had been visited by a Vine Hawk Moth, although that it was a Bogong is now part of the Olympic legend and regardless, the landing of a large moth on your person is said to be a visit from an ancient soul bringing good fortune. Thank you, and thank you too.

Sitting outside on the glass

and on the house walls just below a verandah light

and hanging onto the side of the verandah table

and if I'd known your legs look quite so spider like, I would have felt differently

but has anyone told you lately just how beautiful your antennae are?

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