Tuesday, April 28, 2009


English National Opera have podcast an interview (20 min) with Director David Alden, Conductor Ed Gardner and Principal Artist Stuart Skelton, talking about their May production of Peter Grimes.

We only have to wait till October for the highlight of the (Sydney) year, for me at least, in the best of hands with Neil Armfield whose understanding of Britten is unsurpassed, I think. Mark Wigglesworth steps into Richard Hickox's big shoes, with the cast led by Stuart Skelton, at last, and Susan Gritton debuting here as Ellen.

Once again, once will not be enough.


Sarah said...

Quite right. I suspect twice might not be enough either. Maybe six?

WANDERER said...

Right on. I like your suspicions. So far I've first and last, and quite prepared to join the dots, though Cosi is in the middle (Jim Sharman alert, Jim Sharman alert).

Thanks for the giggle, I needed it.

WANDERER said...

and if that's not enough, then Stuart Skelton heads to Adelaide for Erik.

Sarah said...

I'm certainly open to the possibility of seeing Grimes, say, four or more times. Although that depends on what Manon Lescaut does to my finances. And yes - there's Cosi to consider, which I think runs a high risk of being desperately fabulous.
Strange to think Richard Hickox would have been conducting not one but both.

Jarrett said...

Funny, I saw your tag ENO and thought "Hmm, I didn't think the Liminal Being would be into Brian Eno."

Yes, I'm looking forward to this Peter Grimes as well.

WANDERER said...

There was a Brain ENO phase, along with Jean-Michel Jarre, oxygene, equinoxe etc., etc. They were tapes-in-car days. Out back driving. Those roads you talked about.

And a lot of use of the Fairlight. That's another story.