Friday, October 16, 2009

PETER GRIMES has started

There are many reasons to see this complex, this most musically and psychologically complex, opera.

This is not a one-go show. Twice will not be enough.

Much has been anticipated, much expected and even more realised.

It will take a while to organise myself, if I even can before seeing it again, but right now two words are keeping me awake -



Sarah said...

If you're at all baroque-ishly inclined, the Chandos/Chaconne Ottone in Villa, conducted by Hickox and featuring La Gritton, is highly recommended. One of my favourite baroque opera recordings and in fact one of my favourite any-era opera recordings.

wanderer said...

Your recommendation is my order, thank you kindly. To think he was to have been there last night conducting her, his exceptional choice for Ellen. Did Crabbe become Hickox sometimes? Were you scared?

Sarah said...

I didn't think of that. But yes.