Monday, March 22, 2010



A present wasn't something I expected today, although it is such a day for some (not me though, never has been, not ever), but whooop-de-doo, what good news. The Berlin Philharmonic is coming.

The Herald and the Australian (with a charming interview with Sir Simon) are running it.

Having travelled to Europe every year for the last four years just to hear them take on THE RING (in Aix-en-Provence), their first since HvK, as well as recitals in Aix and Berlin, this year was seeming a wee bit empty and nervous twitches were starting. The god of overdrafts will be appeased for while I've no doubt tickets will not be cheap (why should they be, this is a huge undertaking), it is them to us, not the other way around.

Perth : November 14
Sydney : November 16, 17, 19, 20

And, could this mean a recital by Magdalena Kozena?

MARCH 23 update:

Programme 1

16 November | 19 November

Hayden - Symphony No. 99
Alban Berg - Three Pieces for Orchestra
Brahms - Symphony No. 2

Programme 2

17 November | 20 November

Rachminov - Symphonic Dances
Mahler - Symphony No. 1

Ticket Prices

Platinum $495 (from March 22)
Premium $325 (from April 12)
A-Res $215 (from April 12)
B-Res $165 (from April 12)
C-Res $130 (from April 12)
D-Res $89 (from April 12)

15% off ticket price of second concert when buying two performances. (NB This only applies to tickets bought for the SAME reserve - that's not in the brochure.)

Watching Rattle's face is alone worth $89, except I don't think you will see it for $89. Choir stalls are probably selling as B and C reserve. The phones will be running hot on April 12.


Anonymous said...

Shocked to find that people sitting behind me at SSO had already bought their $500 (OK: $495) seats.

I have a strong resistance to tickets at that price. It sounds to me that you may already have made succumbed, given that you are so well informed about the discount conditions.

wanderer said...

Short answer: yes, I have. It didn't happen reflexly, I can assure you.

You look at it, and wonder where the various reserves are going to be, and think there is time to digest all this. Then, like you, I was shocked to sit opposite an acquaintance (one of your mob) at (the OA) lunch who had, of course, bought them the day before. She seemed surprised I was hesitating given we had heard them together last year in France.

What's more, wherever i went, people, some not even regulars, were all talking about it - people dog walking, people at work, friends at dinner, I don't exaggerate - and planning their tactics for when the box office opens.

So we decided to play safe and 'bed down' one performance (Mahler) and pay the premium. Where does the money go? If it goes to the Opera House, that's OK by me. It isn't going to the Edgley Millers or the like, AFAIK.

I'll likely try for Programme 1 when the general box office opens and see what's available, in what reserve, close to the orchestra.

By way of comparison, last years recitals In Aix were top price 130 Euro ($260 oz, at the time of buying, plus airfares!).

wanderer said...

Also, it would be nice if they managed a live outside broadcast, as they did with The Vienna, and if the inflated prices support that, well and good.

Anonymous said...

Well, W, I held out on the platinum, but managed to obtain a 15% discount on a premium ticket for one concert on the strength of a simultaneous purchase of 2 A reserves.

This required a trip in person to the SOH: phones were a total no go.

I did try to book from midnight on the SOH website but it wasn't playing ball with that: it claimed bookings wouldn't open until 10 May. No tickets behind the orchestra were on sale today at all, which rather invites a question as to what if anything is being sold as C or D reserve. (Even to the side of the orchestra is A.)

wanderer said...

Well done M. I was wondering how you went and even considered how to get a reminder to you, but that would have been underestimating you, something to be avoided I suspect.

This morning I was on the phone for about 70 minutes - 20 mins to get a line then 45 mins on hold - before finally getting exactly what I was after - A reserve, with the discount, very close, spitting distance if one were to be vulgar.

(On-line bookings were still not 'up' this morning, though this afternoon an email arrived announcing same. However, they are not free choice, but rather select a category and the computer says ...)

D reserve I heard is back two circle rows, and mind you, the sound is not bad up there, especially with this lot.