Friday, June 17, 2011


Dresden, Saxony, land of the (other) sun king - Augustus The Strong. This is the most wonderful and moving city to visit. Here in the centre - the centre of arts, churches, palaces, museums (and tourism) - are vast stone public spaces, car free, sign free, all interconnecting and linking the evolving restoration of the 1945 bombed-out city, now very alive with a fantastic restaurant and bar culture. It's jaw-dropping. Really.

The scale here is big.

The river separating the 'old city' and 'new city', is blessed with sandy grassy flood slopes for idling and transporting moments where you can slip back centuries. The weather is gorgeous.

It feels distinctly more 'east', a restraint, an order, an aura, and English is much less fluent outside the hotels than before. There was a moment crossing the river last night at dusk after a shower of rain that I was reminded of St. Petersburgh, in depth, solidity at least.

The whole experience is like opening the lid on a something very deep, a culture, a history, and peeping inside.

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