Friday, June 24, 2011


200o years old - Colonia Claudia Ara Aggripinensium (now shortened a bit).

There wasn't much left after 1945, except the staggeringly high cathedral. Top selling postcards seem to be the black and white aerial photos of the bombed city.

It's all a bit of a mess around the centre - they are building a light rail service, partly underground where a huge collapse of ancient artifacts into the excavations saw the mayor resign.

There's even some Roman sewer remains directly opposite our hotel front entrance.

And the entrance to the Philharmonie is a bit disrupted:

So, here's the concert hall and associated in a more flattering aspect - well above ground level:

That cathedral is never too far away.

And there's some interesting redevelopment down south on the river (to where the new rail will connect) - would that Barangaroo could achieve either (transport and something remotely interesting).

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