Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I missed this interview (against fabulous rehearsal footage) at the time of the considerable buzz around Anne-Sophie Mutter's visit to Sydney. You will see here how close she stands to the conductor, sometimes too close!

With enormous charm and naturalness she speaks about the Beethoven Violin Concerto, Herbert von Karajan, the early years, the humility of honesty and self-awareness, and serving the music, the art and then nails it talking about 'the loss of musical innocence'. It is a great interview, really.


Scott said...

I always will admire a really talented individual who can relate on a down to earth level.

I liked how she said her mentor was interested in her development as a human being. He new when to push but not push too far. Outstanding.

Her advice to young musicians was interesting. Develop your own opinions and be honest with yourself. Find your own fit. Being a soloist is not the ultimate.

A beautiful person. She radiates in conversation. On stage and in rehearsal, I find her professional,work ethic approach remarkable. Her violin does the talking.

Susan Scheid said...

Fabulous interview, you're absolutely right. Glad you spotted it and put it up there. Do you think she ever thinks, g**d, if I have to play that Beethoven Violin Concerto one more time, I think I'll scream? (I know, probably not . . .)