Sunday, January 26, 2014


I'm more inclined to the Invasion Day school of thought. Should I live long enough to be witness to some political and national maturity then I will celebrate Republic Day.

Meantime, we have swapped glorious days of this (Tamarama - aka Glamarama - Beach)

for a cool change in the Highlands where lower temperatures and the humidity mean some lovely lingering mists.

In other news, some fame just never fades

and the Goanna has been doing the rounds.


Susan Scheid said...

I enjoyed the two photographs, the beach and misty forest, juxtaposed like that. And speaking of juxtapositions, there was something quite amusing about scrolling down from the Goanna to spy people in a water tank in your D&A post.

David said...

Dio mio, is that K with so much hair and the big eyes? Golly.

Yes, great juxtapositions, but I'm lost with some of the text refs. You gotta be an Aussie to know, I guess.

wanderer said...

Sue, you've a good eye. As the blogger (as you no doubt know) I don't see the posts any which way but one by one, mostly. Anyway, it is a laugh, thanks, as if the dancers had taken to the water to get away from it?

wanderer said...

Yes David, that be he himself.

I should explain -

Australia (mangled into Straya) Day is Jan 26, commemorating the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney 1788 and involves much flag waving and festering nationalism.

Indigenous people, not surprisingly, think of it as Invasion Day: erect the flag, any opposition dealt with by guns, chains, small pox, syphilis, and the general blessings of Western Culture especially alcohol.

When hopefully we grow up and ditch the monarchy, then a Republic Day might be more appropriate as a day to celebrate whatever it is needs to be celebrated.

The only other national day is Anzac Day, marking a disastrous defeat and loss of life at the hands of the Turks thanks to unforgivable British blundering and there we forged out national spirit, they say! More flags and beer.

David said...

Well, talking of indigenes, I must say I'm looking forward hugely to the visit to the Barbican of Uncle Jack Charles and the Ilbjerri Theatre Co. He sounds like a rascally laugh. Have you seen him in action?

wanderer said...

David, I confess to not even having heard of him. But a few googles later I see he did a well received national tour last year of the show you will see. It generally played in small houses and was a bit off the radar in Sydney with a run in a distant suburban theatre.

So it will be up to you to enlighten me!

David said...

Well, the Barbican theatre folk often have a good eye for international quality, though they can also be a bit right-on for the sake of it. Anyway, I'll go and see for myself.

David said...

It took Debbie sending us that magical rainforest in the mist photo to draw my attention to Millie, whom she says she wanted to abduct, in the foreground. I told her all we still want in life is what you have - a special kind of garden and a dog like that.

wanderer said...

There is now a follow-up post to give evidence that the feeling was mutual, very.

Over breakfast one morning with Debbie, it was our dear friend Colleen who said (in reference to encouraging her sister to let her brother-in-law get a dog, having just been made childless after a car crash) - you know, there's a lot of love in a dog.

David, dear David, that may be all you want in life, but surely all you need in life you already have.