Saturday, February 1, 2014


It was love at first sight. Dogs know.

Names and places withheld to protect the guilty.

As usual, click to enlarge for increased detail.


Susan Scheid said...

I love the lines of this house, and the unfussy landscape around it. It reminds me, somehow, of photos I've seen of Derek Jarman's garden.

wanderer said...

Sue thank you.

It is a concept which evolved from some time in New Mexico where I grew to understand the importance of a building and garden being part of the environment rather than dominating or controlling it. That was high plain desert, this is cool temperate.

The link with Derek Jarman (windswept coast) lies in the same idea I think - to be assimilated.

David N said...

I have to be contrary (for once!) to say it's about as far from Derek's garden as I could possibly imagine: lawns vs shingle, spacious design rather than clapboard hut. It's a big anniversary for Saint Derek - come both, come all, and we'll take you there.

And another spirit of contrariety stirs in me to suggest that Millie might be looking at Debbie quizzically, as if to say, you're not Master John!

Some dogs DO know. Others just slavishly worship the food-giver. I feel that while cats are downright perverse, dogs are indiscriminate. But Freud felt the special bond: when he stroked his chow Jofi (or was it Lun?) Mozart's 'Dalla sua pace' sprang to his mouth from his unconscious.

Greetings from windy but stunning as ever Reykjavik. Here's a harbour, too. I look out on snowy cliffs across the bay and am now going to walk as far as I can before the next new music event hits me.

wanderer said...

It's fair to say thats some dogs are indiscriminate but Millie's attention to Debbie was quite unusual, for Millie I mean.

Reykjavik! Wonderful, and on our list too. And so we have much to look forward to over your way.