Sunday, February 2, 2014


One of the trips we did with Debbie was the old classic - the Manly Ferry. This is a half hour seven mile trip along and across the harbour which gives a good perspective on the city and harbour landscapes, and you get to see the Opera House as it is best seen - from the water.

If you're not yet sick of seeing photographs of the Sydney Opera House, you will be by the time go get through this. But there is strong link between Manly and the Opera House. It was at Manly that the native man Bennelong was first seen, and the area was given the name of his stance. And it was Bennelong Point, where he had chosen to live after being embraced by the white man, that would be the site of the great iconic building.

We boarded in the afternoon, spent a few hours wondering around, had fish and chips and a glass of wine, and came back in the evening with the sun behind the city and the lowering light catching the tiled sails.

As usual, click the photos to enlarge for further detail (all iphone snaps I'm afraid) and if you click on the right hand side of the enlargement, you will scroll to the right through the photos, and likewise in reverse.

There's always a big cruise ship in at this time of year. Here comes our ferry.

Coming back in the late afternoon past the heads which is where the ferries to and from usually cross.

Rounding middle head with the city and the lowering sun to the west.

Here comes that building.

And now the sun is behind us as we swing into the Quay.

And home again. Cup of tea? Another glass? Thai for dinner again?


Anonymous said...

I like: "a few hours wondering around."

Susan Scheid said...

I love the way the clouds fan out in these photographs, complementing everything in the foreground (or so it seems to me). And Thai for dinner again? Yes, indeed.