Monday, May 18, 2015


When you need weeks there's only days. But I did manage a quick visit to the newish extensions to the Lenbacchaus especially to see what I could of the Blue Rider and see some of Kandinsky's partner Gabriele M√ľnter's work. It was her massive donation that constitutes the great collection.

The entrance drop chandelier evokes the V&A.

A film crew were making a promo video with some celebrities, in front of Jawlensky's arresting Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sacharoff 1909.

More Jawlensky, if my memory serves correctly:

Kandinsky's Lady in Moscow 1912 :

We lingered a while at Kolle's The Suicide. Hans said it was his favourite painting in the collection.


Susan Scheid said...

I just had visitors from Germany, one of whom lives in Munich, and we were talking about the great museum there. It brought to mind my long-ago visit and introduction to Franz Marc's The Blue Horse. I knew nothing about any of it at the time, but it left a vivid impression nonetheless. I do hope I'll be able to return someday.

wanderer said...

This is my fourth visit Sue and I still feel I'm just scratching the surface.