Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The breakfast room lady brought us two yellow roses with the coffees! What's that about? Do we look like honeymooners? Hardly. They're now in the morning light by the window in our room.

Munich is as approachable as ever. Warm and bright. The individuality and civility on the street is immediate: the slow waddling fat man with a purple streaked beard below a frayed wide brimmed straw hat; the tall middle aged drag queen in a white and silver pant suit and white turban taking a tram into town at ten in the morning; the gentleman who picked up my phone and handed it back almost before it hit the ground; the elderly lady riding her bicycle with probably more competence than she can walk....

It is nice to be here.

H looks pretty good considering that he has gained three stents and lost his prostate. Tomorrow we'll go driving while the weather is so good. 

K is here for a trade show and that will catch up with us later in the week.

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