Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis) is another pretty one who has just appeared and for the last few days has been a constant little dot of yellow usually sitting sideways (as they do,  and I know of no other who does this) on the house verandah posts or on the trunk of the big Eucalypt near the bedroom.

They are cautious little things and perch about 2 metres above the ground with the head turned down, watching, still, ready to suddenly drop to the ground for an insect and then quickly fly back to their vantage point. The height above ground is all but measured it is so constant.

They are breeding at the moment and that means mouths to feed.


Smorg said...

Nice shots! I love looking at birds for some weird reason. They always make me wonder what they are thinking about. :o)

Have never seen these, though. Been trying to catch a few local hummingbirds, but my camera doesn't zoom all that well and the fluffy flying thingy are so shy. :oP

WANDERER said...

Thanks Smorg. I know you like birds!

These were taken with a 300mm zoom and then cropped down on IPhoto. Not the sort of camera you can carry to the park in your pocket (well, if you insist).

BTW, the VK album has arrived, still sealed though, and I'll let you know what you already know.