Sunday, August 30, 2009


A close house visit from Skippy is unusual despite being on the edge of the bush and sometimes hearing them bound away in the evenings or on an early morning walk. The only close encounter recently was a sick roo and there's a story there yet to be told.

So this morning it was a delight to see a big bright eyed curious eastern grey sitting just beyond the Ha-ha framed by the banksias (Banksia spinulosa) behind. K had gone to town with you know who and with the old dog asleep under the table, as usual, things were quiet outside.

Now K's trip was because the ducks have babies, 7 of them, and we've always wished there'd been a safe place for them in the dam.

K is nothing if not an inventor. Even You Tube will attest to that. So a few hours and a roo visit later he proudly launched Duck Island, their just-in-case refuge, complete with a waddle ramp for little legs.

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