Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It is August 5. I can't believe it. For the first time since last summer I have just heard that gorgeous single ever repeating downward vocal run of the Blue Satin Bower Bird. I remember posting about the thrill of first hearing last year and thought I'd check what I said and when I said it.

Yes, you guessed it -it was August 5

This was taken through window glass but you may still get a hint of the voilet blush around the eye

I wish I could play you his song. One day I will. There's much to record around here, and one secret I still haven't told you. Not till the time is right.

But I can play you this, and when you hear (if you haven't already) the song of my Blue Satin Regular Visitor, you'll understand why this is as close at it gets (at 4:45).

She is going to "try and have a bash at.." and can you believe Mr Piano Man.

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