Saturday, November 7, 2009



Here's three decades worth, starting with a recent find, a beautifully clean record from 1960 with a young Sutherland flooding the Royal Albert Hall with the kind of silver magic that, if you ever wondered what the fuss was about, will leave you in little doubt. I would love to know who's conducting.

1960 BBC Proms Royal Albert Hall (Sargent, see comment below)

The fabulous middle years. 1972 The Met, New York (Bonynge)

Back on home turf, 1981 Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (Cillario)

Another clip, the sound less clean but the perspective more real with some impression of how big the voice was, and the stage movements as unmistakeable as the voice. The Concert Hall, where she sang Lucia, Desdemona, Lucrezia Borgia, and Anna Glawari (all staged) as well as recitals, was the only venue in Sydney able to do her justice.


Anonymous said...

Who was the conductor with Sutherland at the 1960 BBC Proms? According to this site, Sir Malcolm Sargent conducted a Sutherland performance on 13 August 1960.

wanderer said...

Thanks Anon; that's a fantastic database.