Saturday, November 7, 2009


On the edge of the desert, so it seems, Adelaide always feels to me to be not quite sure why it is here. So do a lot of the residents, if alcohol is any indication.

But there's much under the surface, including a great orchestra and a developing tradition for good Wagner. And lots of waiting empty laneways

a fine bookshop

and a new Flying Dutchman a few hours from now.

And what is it about women and shoes. During lunch my friend A spotted, three tables away, a woman with green shoes. I must know where she bought them she declared and whisked herself over (probably Paris, she thought out loud) ..... Noosa! Who would have guessed.

Outside the restaurant, A and L compare... yes,


Anonymous said...

Leona Geeves wore green shoes, the German Pope wore red. What did the magpie say?

wanderer said...

Oh goodie, a riddle.

L G green, G P red, Mrs Sedley black, magpie, secrets, librarians, travel, middle long have I got?

Nessum dorma.