Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is a big eclectic city of 12 million, at the moment sweltering in summer heat and humidity, on the edge of the mighty Rio de la Plata which by the time its muddy waters flow by on their way back to the Atlantic is the widest river in the world.

It is seriously a city of eat, drink, and tango. Palermo is the place to stay, the 'bohemian' quarter of derelict cool, groovy and very slick bars and clubs, tree lined streets, small hotels, hip shops, and proud unassuming and friendly locals. One cheek kiss only. I am desperately sleep deprived - the nights go late.

There is time only for a few glancing snaps.

boulevardes are boulevardes

dogs are walked in big numbers, watch your step

harbour front

plaza de mayo pink house from where the Perons faced the crowds

no one forgets

malvinas memorial, no one forgets

la boca

tomb general st martin

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