Saturday, January 16, 2010


( naked rambler )

Now that I've got your attention - that's not me; you can tell because I don't own a watch.

But we are off on a bit of an excursion. We're heading east and I can tell you one thing - I'll be wearing clothes, and recording what I can when I can if I can. The only thing is, there's a lot on here now, and a few things are hard to miss.

I'm still trying to get to see the Martin Sharp exhibition, though there's time yet.

I missed out on tickets to IOTA; that was bad planning.

There has been some strong recommendations, even exhortations, but I'm strangely sated with that opera theatre. I'm haunted by the Peter Grimes still, seriously, and just not ready to go back.

The Peter Sellars Stravinsky I regret not being here for - a rare opportunity, never mind.

But most of all, I'm sorry I'm not seeing the fabulous Marianne Faithfull.

Her show at the Enmore a few years ago is well embedded and together with Lou Reed's Berlin at the State Theatre, remains unbeaten in memorable memorable Rock. Speaking of Lou Reed, that was the night I first heard the astounding Antony, and there's no way I could be in this city and not be there.

Here he is...Abbey Road Studios...

What can you say?

Have fun. Talk soon....

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