Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In Patagonia! - how long I've waited to say that Bruce.

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Ushuaia is the frontier town at the literal bottom of the world, in Tierra del Fuego, Fire Land, between the Magellan Straights and the Beagle Channel. The little ship that is the middle of the front three in Ushuaia harbour in this morning's early sun is the one we are about to board to head off down that channel into the infamous Drakes Passage and onto Antarctica. Excitement doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.


Anonymous said...

Watching this space enviously, W, but also wondering about developments. Surely you can't be stuck in Drake's Passage?

wanderer said...

M, thank you for following. Back only today after 2 weeks in another world and no contact with the outside. Drake Passage was kind to us. And the Horn was rounded in (unusually) clear weather and we could even see the albatross memorial to the 10,000 sailors who have died in the attempt.

How to organise my thoughts? No words from me or photos are likely to come close to the reality.

Trust all is well; will catch up with blogland as soon as.

ken said...

Nice story W. I have done much the same voyage and you have captured it very well.

wanderer said...

Thanks for saying hello Ken, and as you're one who has been there and know how impossibly difficult it is to document, I appreciate your generosity, thanks.