Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The slow boat to Bellagio, on the tip of the point that forks Lake Como into its two arms, takes two hours. Two hours gliding past the rich and famous (Clooney), past history, old money and new, steep slopes and rugged peaks, clusters of houses and dots of remote ones, hotels and holiday spots, oleandas and geraniums and balsam and begonias, pines and olives, and then you are there.

Waiting for the ferry on a sultry summer morning

just intoxicated by this

till along it comes

 and here we go.

We took the hydrofoil back. 

And straight to the pool; campari soda please.


Scott said...

Fantastic. The mountains meeting the sea. The little homes fitting in nicely. I don't really know. Hemingway? Campari and soda please.

Scott said...

Stopped by again to look at the scenery. I see it's fresh water,no? Most beautiful. Maybe another Campari is in order. Loving the trip.